When starting a business it is important to fully understand your long-term goals as well as your immediate needs. How many owners will there be? How is your business going to be taxed? Do you want to grow and sell the business quickly? Are you going to be a silent investor or an active participant in the business? What kind of bull-sell agreement do you need? Are your ownership rights protected in the shareholder or operating agreement? These are important questions that drive how you start a business.


During your day-to-day activities issues arise that require expert advice on your ongoing business. If you need contracts reviewed or drafted, employment issues resolved or tax advice, I can assist in a variety of ways. Are you having issues with reorganization? Do you need to convert from an LLC to a Corporation? These issues can be complex with serious ramifications if not completed properly.


Successful owners have a comprehensive business plan. No business plan is complete without a complimentary estate plan to protect the years of work you have put into building your business. Are you selling your business? Is it an asset purchase or a stock purchase? What does that even mean? Do you desire to transfer the business to the next generation? How much is your business worth? These questions and many more exist. I can assist you in understanding these complexities and help guide you through so that you maximize your position.



Proper estate planning is vital to protecting your hard-earned wealth. Allow me to minimize your estate tax and maximize wealth transfer.


Business transactions are riddled with tax pitfalls. Let me help you navigate those transactions to minimize your tax exposure.

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