My passion is to provide quality advice to business owners concerning a variety of business issues. I provide comprehensive legal advice for businesses at any stage. Whether you are just starting out, expanding, selling or transitioning a business to the next generation, I can assist with all your legal needs, including liability protection, valuation and tax complexities.


The complexity of the United States tax code can be confusing at best. Let me bring some guidance and support to your tax situation. Whether you are involved in taxable transactions for your business or looking to protect your assets through estate planning, my experience will allow me to lead you and help you understand tax issues.


Estate planning is a vital concept that everyone, young and old need to consider. Protect your assets from estate tax and transfer your wealth to your family. Protect your children in the event of an untimely disaster.


Negotiations and mediations can be emotionally taxing. Let me take that burden and advocate with you. Together we will identify your needs, your deal-breakers, your points of concession and develop a plan to find a workable situation for you.

I will be happy to work with family, business, landlord-tenant relationships and others. Even when you think the situation is outside the law, I am more than willing to help.

I have mediated highly emotional situations, across cultures, within families and among co-workers and my negotiation has spanned a variety of complex agreements and contracts.

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